Extraordinary Industry-Leading Safety Standards

At G.H. McCulloch, Inc., we pride ourselves on achieving extraordinarily high safety ratings. Led by a trained staff of safety professionals, we have one of the strongest, safest records in our entire industry. That’s a credit not only to our leadership but to the men and women who carry out arduous tasks for us on a daily basis.

More than that, it is our prerogative that the safety and well-being of our employees are considered the number one aspect of any and all operations. G.H. McCulloch, Inc. remains committed to an accident-free workplace by taking necessary precautions for each employee and project, which includes never exposing an employee to an unnecessary hazard or putting them in harm’s way.

Our goal is to combine property training with our already knowledgeable and responsible project teams, maintain an active, upfront management style, and ensure that our supervisory staff is well-trained and attentive. Combined with sound project planning, these actions will help us eliminate accidents and injuries altogether.

G.H. McCulloch, Inc.
G.H. McCulloch, Inc.

Using Predictive Solutions

The basic idea behind predictive solutions is that we reduce or prevent on-the-job accidents by predicting how they could happen before they actually do. This will allow us to correctly identify behaviors or hazards that could impact a strong safety culture.

Predictive solutions also allow G.H. McCulloch, Inc. to properly study and observe safety measures in and around our job sites. This helps us narrow down the frequency and location of common workplace injuries. This information can then be used to reduce injuries while dramatically increasing productivity and overall business effectiveness.

Mitigating Risk

We employ constant vigilance when it comes to reducing risk and following safety protocols. Though not everything can be accounted for, we take three measured steps to protect ourselves and our personnel:

  • Avoid risk entirely by eliminating precarious tasks or events
  • Reduce exposure to risk through proper planning and management
  • Transfer/Alleviate risk through the use of appropriate insurance agencies

Overall, our goal is to create a goal to reduce risk and then take proactive steps to attain these actionable items. Each step provides our employees with safer work environments, provides cost-effective solutions for our and our client’s businesses, and increases overall productivity.

G.H. McCulloch, Inc.
G.H. McCulloch, Inc.

Our Training Program

G.H. McCulloch, Inc.’s safety program ensures that all work is performed to the highest safety standards. Comprehensive employee training emphasizes hazard recognition and accident prevention through teamwork and personal responsibility. Program includes:

  • New Employee Orientation and Safety Training
  • Written Policies and Procedures
  • Daily Hazard Recognition/Mitigation
  • Random Audits by Trained Safety Professionals
  • Subcontractor Safety Responsibilities
  • Drug, Alcohol, and Substance Abuse Prevention