Professional Mechanical Construction Services

G.H. McCulloch, Inc. is a trusted mechanical and industrial construction company that offers clients specialized work in refineries, chemical plants, power plants, natural gas storage facilities, and much more.

Our mechanical construction services include but are not limited to equipment installation, process skid fabrication, process piping installation, structural steel erection, and pipe fabrication. Whether you’re involved in new construction, improvements, renovations, or retrofitting, G.H. McCulloch, Inc. can provide you with skilled contractors that offer immaculate workmanship and safe work environments, no matter the job.

G.H. McCulloch, Inc.

Your Work, Our Pride

G.H. McCulloch, Inc. will help you design, build, and maintain all types and complexities of industrial work. Whether you’re working on a new construction, an addition, or just need repairs, our focus is to have quality structures installed safely on or before the scheduled deadline. Our highly experienced and resourceful team of professionals accomplishes collective design, modeling, and fabrication goals by successfully integrating with your project team’s culture.

We also take a more proactive approach during the pre-construction phase. By working hand-in-hand with the project team, we’re better able to understand their desires and produce more resourceful, cost-effective results. This allows us to control the outcome and success of a project much more efficiently. Our pre-fabrication capabilities allow us to deliver projects quickly and proficiently.

When it comes to designing and building your project, we take a look at a few key factors to help us reach maximum efficiency:

  • Risk management
  • Budget control
  • Project delivery schedule
  • Accessibility
  • Integration

When you work with us, you’ll quickly realize how effective in-house professional engineering and fabrication can be and how much more control, accountability, and budgetary relief you’ll have on a daily basis. More importantly, you’ll know first-hand that you’re backed by an experienced team that will deliver you a high-quality final product.

Four Major Areas of Communication Focus

  • We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to explore projects’ crucial physical and functional components before we begin to build anything
  • We use a proven process to achieve execution professionally and successfully
  • We employ the use of new technologies that help maintain the efficient sharing of information
  • We continue to hold open dialogue every step of the way
G.H. McCulloch, Inc.