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Fabrication & Repair Services

G.H. McCulloch, Inc. has been manufacturing and servicing high-quality storage tanks, pressure vessels, and reactors since 1959. Since then, we’ve established a reputation for providing quality service and meticulous care. That’s because we recognize the importance of each of our clients.

Drawing on more than 200 years of combined experience, our engineers, technicians, and field management know how to devise the best fabrication solutions for your objective. Why? Because G.H. McCulloch, Inc. is able to call upon highly-trained professionals at every stage of development. If you’re looking for a single or multi-tank installation, an improved product for a current process, or modification or repair of a previously installed unit, we have the know-how to meet your requests.


Complete Inspection Services

  • We provide in-plant inspections, repairs, and servicing
  • We provide constant communication of services
  • We provide you with money saving recommendations
  • We provide you with a detailed report on new or existing products

It is our responsibility to understand your objective in its entirety, prior to beginning the design process.

By utilizing a solid plan as well as a proactive approach in design, G.H. McCulloch, Inc. can ensure that problems are avoided during the installation period. Once we’ve matched our planning with our product design, we’re able to deliver more reliable, cost-effective services.


Modifications & Repairs

When certain requirements arise—such as a need for increased capacity, new technologies, or environmental factors—you may need to repair or install a new tank. These are some of our more common modification and repair situations: Increasing tank capacity

  • Salvage existing parts to rebuild
  • Replace corroded hanger bearings
  • Shell patches or replacements
  • Installation of new floating roofs
  • Installation of double bottoms or bottom replacement
  • Leak detection and secondary containment
  • Adding nozzles or fittings
  • Roof plate repair or replacement
  • Welding

G.H. McCulloch, Inc. currently maintains an “S” stamp. This allows us to fabricate heat exchangers and power boilers. Our Repair “R” stamp certification authorizes us to competently repair any Pressure Retaining Item (PRI). All of our contractors will arrive to your job site qualified to meet your specific job requirements.